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Construction Security

Construction Sites

From the moment your shovel hits the ground RemoteGUARD’s video verified security systems will monitor your job site for everything. This includes your most valuable equipment, boxes of tools or even your on-site gasoline storage, allowing your next project to be stress free.

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Building Security

Building Security

RemoteGUARD’s video verified sercurity systems offer an unparalleled level of security for both commercial and residential buildings. With a guaranteed 5 minute response time and an on-site monitoring team you will know your building is safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

RemoteGUARD’s Real-Time Monitoring provides an unprecendented level of video verified security while maintaining the complete privacy of a customer. Including an on-site monitoring team and a guaranteed 5 minute response time security will finally be one less stress on your life!

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Security Built For You

Custom Security to prevent damages, thefts and repeat intrusions on Construction Sites and Finished Buildings

Security can be an issue at any point in a buildings life cycle. Valuable equipment can be stolen from the moment it arrives on-site. RemoteGUARD’s video verified security systems are capable of protecting your business in each of its stages. From early construction to long term building security RemoteGUARD can protect your business and assets from theft or damages all combined with a guaranteed 5 minute response time!

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RemoteGUARD's 360 Solutions

Get Video Verified Results:

Video Verified Security Guarantees an immediate police response minimizing damages, thefts and repeat intrusions.

Suspect is Video Verified
Police Respond Immediately
Suspect is Apprehended

Eliminate Crime in 5 Minutes

Stop criminals and eliminate any repeat intrusions with RemoteGUARD's 5 minute response guarantee.

In the event of an intrusion, the first few moments are crucial to successfully apprehending a criminal. With RemoteGUARD’s unrivaled video verified security technology guards or police can be dispatched to the scene immediately.

With RemoteGUARD’s guaranteed 5 minute response time you will apprehend more criminals and instantly eliminate any repeat intruders.

Stop Crime, Save Money

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